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Adventures in Truss
September 12th, 2005
08:43 am
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Got back from Roatan (Carribean) Sat night. The devastation from Katrina stops me from giving any kind of trip report right now other than to say I had a good time and dove a lot. I'll have a pic post later, but right now it just doesn't seem fitting.

I'm heartened that the body count appears to be much less than what was originaly predicted, but that's hardly a comfort to the hundreds of thousands of people who've been affected by this horror. I'm a queer mixture of heartsick and after-trip glow.

...and feeling slightly guilty for the glow.

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Date:September 12th, 2005 06:08 pm (UTC)
Don't feel guilty for the glow. You can be happy and still feel sympathy and concern for the folks in NOLA. Enjoy your glow. Bask, even. And then send some happy thoughts to those people, send some maoney, hell, VOLUNTEER! I'm sure with yout experience you could be invaluable to the people on the Gulf. But don't feel bad for feeling happy. Life goes on. Maybe help spread the glow. :)

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