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Adventures in Truss
January 4th, 2005
07:30 am
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The holidays were great. I stayed put in San Diego and had an excellent time, all in all.

One of the by-products of not going to New York to see the parents and brothers is that some very frank discussions occurred between everyone regarding exactly why I was staying away and why our family doesn't do holidays very well. If some good can occur out of that discussion then I'm the happier for it.

As for me: My roomie, Abbey-the-Taiwanese-mamasan-like-heart-of-gold-lady-who-would-pamper-me-to-death-if-I-let-her, cooked a fabulous, albeit non-traditional, Christmas dinner (Prime Rib, shrimp, ribs, etc) for nine people at the house. Things were sedate, but very pleasant. I opened all my prezzies and placed a large number of phone calls (but still didn't get all of them in).

The evening before she threw a huge buffet feast at her bar which I was expected to attend. Even though I spent a large part of my twenties in that bar I very rarely go there nowadays. It's not at all the same and I simply have better things to do with my money... most of the time.

That being said, a few days after Christmas I went up to Orange County (just south of L.A.) for a pub crawl with my dive buddy, Mike. Although I used to live up there, these intensely interesting "Lingerie Bars" had largely escaped my notice... possibly because I was "with girlfriend" at the time. By the time the evening was done I had more than a running acquaintance with them! Very fun if not the classiest night I've evah spent!

Went on a few dates including a nice evening out with Mooch, John, and a girl I met online. We went to a Brazilian Barbeque spot downtown that serves up a protein overload like nobody's business! Whoo baby! Skewer after skewer of tasty meats, My Precious, as much as you could put down. I was ready for nap heaven afterward, but we went out for some drinks and ended up in an Irish pub whereupon it was firmly established that Mooch is at least as stubborn as I am and possibly more so. Thas why I love her.

New Years was spent at a big party at the dive buddy's girlfriend's house and we managed to bring the New Year in right. There were no other DSers present, but damned if there wasn't a good bit of debauchery! I carry on the torch faithfully, never fear! A really good time.

Just two nights ago was the last of my holiday dates, up in Huntington Beach... and damned if there wasn't a spark finally. I won't raise my hopes unreasonably, but things are looking up in that regard.

I'm preparing curriculum in anticipation of teaching my first Open Water Scuba course. Part of that includes a fitness regimen. Standing in front of a class on the beach, in a wetsuit or trunks, in my present condition is simply unacceptable! An unanticipated benefit of becoming instructor certified! heh.

Back to work... ugh! When's my next vacation?

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